Service Archive

  • Agriculture

    Fruits and Vegetables At Colman Impex, we specialize in sourcing and exporting high-quality fruits and vegetables from around the world. We work

  • Commodities

    Rice, Sugars, Grains Our commodities division specializes in the sourcing and export of rice, sugars, and grains. We work with trusted suppliers

  • Scraps

    Plastics, Metals Colman Impex is committed to sustainability and reducing waste. That’s why we offer a range of scrap materials, including plastics

  • Plastics

    Food packaging We offer a range of plastic products for food packaging, including containers, bags, and wraps. Our products are made from

  • Condiments

    Peppers, Spices We specialize in the export of high-quality condiments, including peppers and spices. Our products are sourced from trusted suppliers around